Saturday, February 11, 2012

Transformation is not a future event!!

Feb. 2012
weight loss to date:95 lbs(since Jan 2011)

Before                                    After

I am so excited to be getting so close to 100 lbs lost total, but I am so much more excited about how it feels to be healthy.  Granted, at 192 lbs, I may not be what most people would view as healthy, but I am the healthiest version of me that I have ever been.  I sit and look through old photos of myself and keep wondering, "Why didn't anyone tell me how horrible I looked? Why didn't anyone question my health?"  But, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.  I only look back to motivate myself. 

A couple weeks ago I experience my first "injury" since my transformation began.  I was playing a fun game of dodgeball with the staff and kids at work.  I literally threw the ball 2 times, got hit, and started to run off the court.  I ran into another adult and over corrected my footing and ended up spraining my right ankle/foot. I spent that night in Urgent care waiting for x-rays.  So, I taught the next day with a set of crutches and a wheely chair. :)
I think the most annoying part was having to take time to heal my foot.  I couldn't do anything except for upper body workouts for a few days.  After a week I went back to Zumba and have just been doing workouts as usual, but with a brace and maybe not pushing as hard as I usually would. I surely do not want another injury!  I haven't been able to run yet, but I am really looking forward to it soon!

I got back to journaling all of my food this week. I downloaded an app in my phone so I can track anywhere I go. It really paid off and I am feeling like the last 5 lbs will be a lot easier to come off than I originally thought.  All I really know is this:I will not give up.  Once I hit 100( and celebrate with a tattoo) I will keep going!  I just want to be healthy and happy.  I finally feel like I am getting closer and closer to being as beautiful as my sisters!!

Transformation is happening RIGHT NOW!!!!

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