Sunday, July 17, 2011

A runner???

So, on Thursday I ran my first "race".  I only say it like that because there was no actual winner or loser, just a bunch of runners out running for fun.  Anyway, I thought it was a really good way to break into the running scene.  I did really well, considering it was a 2K.  I finished with a time of 15:18, which was my fastest to date.  So I decided that maybe I need to try to do less walking intervals so that eventually I am just running without any walking at all, and I want to increase my distances. Today while out running with Matt around the neighborhood, I started to think about all of this running I am trying to do.  I just got to wondering if avid runners laugh at people like me.  I mean some people go out and run like 10 miles a day and here I am with my measly 1.25 or 1.5 miles a day and I am dying.  So, I wonder, should I just jump in and try running like 3 miles, or should I keep doing what I am doing and take it slow?  I think I have been doing pretty well considering I have only been running for about a month or so and that I am still heavy.  I think I will just keep chugging along and see where this all takes me.  I was actually feeling pretty good after my run today.  For a quick 18 minute run I only walked at total of about 2 and a half minutes.  My goal by the end of July is to run without any walking intervals.  Here's to running without stopping!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A day at the doctor

Weight loss to date:59 lbs.

So, today I went to the doctor for my physical.  When I began this weight loss journey in January I thought they told me I weighed 282 lbs. Turns out I heard wrong and I was actually 287. I know it's just 5 lbs, but ewww! When the nurse brings me back she is in total shock that I have lost so much weight and is literally falling over herself to hurry and get my doctor.  He was very proud of my progress so far and said everything was looking good. My blood sugars and bad cholesterol are great.  My good cholesterol is low, but it's sort of a genetic problem. I have been on meds for high blood pressure for over 3 years now.  I have been working so hard to get my bp down and was so excited when the doctor said I am doing great and took me off the meds.  This, I think, was way more exciting than the number on the scale. I guess it sorta showed me that I am getting healthier.  Not sure what I was really feeling but all sorts of emotions hit me at the same time and I started crying all the way home.  I guess I was relieved, happy, annoyed with my old number, and just overwhelmed.  The doctor actually told me I was too healthy to be there and kicked me out. Ha ha!

Tonight is my first big(okay, it's only a 2K, but it's big for me) race.  I am really excited and very nervous. I don't want to look like an idiot out there with all of these runners.  I am going to have Matt take some pictures when I finish and I will keep everyone updated on how it goes!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Peace out Plateau!!!!

Weight loss to date: 55 lbs
Woo hoo! I have finally kicked that plateau in the butt! I have lost 5 lbs this week and finally got off of the 50 lb. plateau.  Thank goodness. I was starting to worry.  :)

As far as other things go, I am training hard for a 2K race on the 14th.  I have been going up to the high school and running as much as I can. A 2K is 5 laps around the track. When I started running it about a month or so ago I was doing it in about 18 minutes.  This morning I went up and did my 5 laps in 15:58! I feel like I am getting stronger and can do so much more now than when I was 282 lbs.  I am also signing up for the Dirty Girl Mud Run 5K in September.  Not only is this a 5K  but there are various obstacles along the way. I am so exctied I cannot even wait!  I will keep blogging about training for that event.  Right now I am just focused on the 2K. 
I got a lot of great advice when I started to stress about the plateau.  I have some pretty amazing people out there supporting me. Thanks!! I think what really helped was that I just started drinking a TON of water and took a few days off of work outs.  It seemed to be just what my body needed.  I am so ready for the next 50 lbs to come off. Next week I meet with my doctor to see if I can come off of the blood pressure meds.  If this happens, I will be amazed!! I also met with another doctor last week that I hadn't seen in over a year and she was so excited about my weight loss.  She is going to try and help Matt and I figure things out and try to get us in a good place to try for a baby!!!!!
I feel great and cannot say thank you enough to those of you who are supporting and pushing me through this! I was very unhappy in January and very sad that I let myself go the way I did. Now I put my health as a top priority and I feel AMAZING!!!!