Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome back to running!!! YAY!!!

Weight loss to date:97 lbs
3 LBS TO GO!!!

Oh, the 100 lbs lost mark is SO close!!! I am so excited to hit that mark.  It won't be the end of my journey though.
  Well, last week I officially got back to my running.  It was so awesome to be able to hit the road and just let my cares go. My foot is finally back to normal and is taking to running and working out just fine!   I ran 2 miles my first run out and 2.33 my second time.  Yesterday, Matt and I took what we thought would be a short run.  It turned out to be a 3 mile run! It was so wonderful!  I just love that I can put my music on and praise God during this time.  I just bought a new song from the christian rap artist, LeCrae.  It says "Go hard or Go home! Lord Use me up". I probably looked like a crazy woman running down Main street with my hands raised high shouting the lyrics.  But, I know that God is going to use me for something! 

To anyone that is reading this and has been following me, I want to ask you to be in prayer for one thing.  I know God is telling me that my journey is helping others , and I can feel that He is going to use it in some other way. So, can you please be praying that I would find out what it is that God will do and that I will continue to allow Him to use this. 

I have to share two stories that are very dear to me.  My dad has been diabetic since Courtney was about 2 or 3.  He is one my heroes because of the things he puts up with due to diabetes.  He recently decided to start keeping a food journal.  In just 3 weeks, he lost 9 lbs and his blood sugars have started to drop to more normal numbers.  I was so proud of him to make one small change.  My mom has now started a journal as well. I don't know if they were inspired by me or not, and honestly I don't care, I am just really proud of them. 
Also, my Aunt in NY told me yesterday that she has lost 51.5 lbs since November!!! She said that everytime she gets discouraged she looks at how much I have done and it gives her encouragement! It brought me to tears to see her make huge changes and become healthier! Way to go Aunt Bev! I am so proud of you!!!
This is why I share my story! I want you all to know that your stories encourage and inspire me! 

More later when I am 100 lbs lighter than I used to be!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Did you just cry over a hoodie???

Weight loss to date:95 lbs

Yes, I cried over a hoodie!  This is my favorite green hoodie jacket that I used to wear ALL the time.  It was a size 3x and I cannot fit in it anymore. Well, I can but it was not very attractive. Anyway, last weekend Matt and I went to a consignment store to sell some of my old clothes that are too big for me.  In the bags of clothes was my green hoodie. I guess I didn't realize it was in there until we left the store for them to price things.  Part of me was praying they wouldn't want it, and the other part of me was just thinking it needs to go to someone that will look good wearing it.  When we came back to get money for the clothes I saw my hoodie in the bin of keeps. I quickly took my money and ran out of the store.  I seriously bawled my eyes out all the way to the car.  We get in the car and Matt goes "Are you really crying about the hoodie?'  It was at that moment that I realized it was about so much more than a hoodie.

This was me letting go of the old person once and for all.  Once all of your "fat" clothes are gone, there is no going back. It's not that I want to go back, I just had a hard time facing that I am not that person anymore.  That person was good at faking people into thinking she was always fine and that she was healthy.  I was comfortable to be the invisible girl that people saw, but didn't really SEE.  That stupid hoodie was my comfort blanket and it was just a little hard to say goodbye. 

I should have know at that moment that I was probably gonna have a rough week.  I was blessed with some incredible people coming along side me this week, but it has been a struggle everyday.  I went out on my first run since the ankle incident, and it was just what I needed.  I needed to be out of my own head. 

I may have cried and still kinda miss my hoodie, but I am so excited about the person I am today.  I am feeling stronger, healthier, and more determined everyday.  I know people probably get sick of my posts on FB and my blogs, but this is what keeps me going. So for those of you that aren't sick of me yet....THANK YOU!!!! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Transformation is not a future event!!

Feb. 2012
weight loss to date:95 lbs(since Jan 2011)

Before                                    After

I am so excited to be getting so close to 100 lbs lost total, but I am so much more excited about how it feels to be healthy.  Granted, at 192 lbs, I may not be what most people would view as healthy, but I am the healthiest version of me that I have ever been.  I sit and look through old photos of myself and keep wondering, "Why didn't anyone tell me how horrible I looked? Why didn't anyone question my health?"  But, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.  I only look back to motivate myself. 

A couple weeks ago I experience my first "injury" since my transformation began.  I was playing a fun game of dodgeball with the staff and kids at work.  I literally threw the ball 2 times, got hit, and started to run off the court.  I ran into another adult and over corrected my footing and ended up spraining my right ankle/foot. I spent that night in Urgent care waiting for x-rays.  So, I taught the next day with a set of crutches and a wheely chair. :)
I think the most annoying part was having to take time to heal my foot.  I couldn't do anything except for upper body workouts for a few days.  After a week I went back to Zumba and have just been doing workouts as usual, but with a brace and maybe not pushing as hard as I usually would. I surely do not want another injury!  I haven't been able to run yet, but I am really looking forward to it soon!

I got back to journaling all of my food this week. I downloaded an app in my phone so I can track anywhere I go. It really paid off and I am feeling like the last 5 lbs will be a lot easier to come off than I originally thought.  All I really know is this:I will not give up.  Once I hit 100( and celebrate with a tattoo) I will keep going!  I just want to be healthy and happy.  I finally feel like I am getting closer and closer to being as beautiful as my sisters!!

Transformation is happening RIGHT NOW!!!!