Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's been quite a ride!!

June 25, 2013
Current weight:230 lbs.

It's been a while since I blogged about my journey, so I will try to update on what I can.  I had my baby girl in October of 2012 and gained back 55 lbs. during the pregnancy.  I am not happy with it, but I am working really hard to take it off.  A few months after having the baby I got back to running. I started small with a mile here and there.  Eventually I worked up to 3-4 miles at a time and very little walking in between.  My goal was to get back to running 3 miles with no walking breaks at all. In April I did my first 5K since the baby was born. It went okay, but I walked more than I wanted.  I also signed myself up for a half-marathon that month.  I know...what was I thinking???

Well, I met my goal and was running 3 miles with no walks and sometimes more.  So, on June 22 I went up to the Loveland Ski Basin to run/walk my first half-marathon.  The whole month before I went I was terrified and I even cried the day before and tried to talk myself out of it. I finally decided that I had to do this for my daughter. I need her to see a mommy that wants to be healthy rather than a mommy that is unhappy and unhealthy. 

I did it! I finished the half marathon! I had a goal to run atleast 6.5 miles collectively and actually ran about 7! I had such a fabulous partner by my side that encouraged me the whole way...Thanks Kelly!! There were times that were hard and I wanted to stop, but I just kept going.  It was at mile 10 that I seriously wanted to lay down and quit.  I had blisters on my toes, cuts on my ankles, and just pure fatigue. However, this was mine for the taking and I was going to finish. I pushed through and finished by RUNNING across that finish line.

I finished near the end of the pack, but I don't care. My goal was to go and finish and that's what I did!   I am now excited again about fitness and will be working really hard to get my body back on track. 

My goal is 190 lbs.  Once I hit that goal, I will make a new one.  Maybe I will even run a full-marathon some day  ;)